Report FCLCA Violations

Eye care practitioners should report all violations of the Fairness to Contact Lens Consumers
Act (FCLCA) ‐ including instances in which contact lens sellers fail to comply with the
prescription verification provisions of the law.

Examples of non‐compliance by sellers may include:

  • No date and time on faxes
  • Multiple requests for same patient after receiving doctor response
  • Refusal to accept "Rx has expired" as compliant response
  • Selling without prescription
  • Ignoring the eight business hour response period
  • Substituting lenses
  • Unintelligible recorded messages or other messages not allowing the practitioner a reasonable opportunity to respond

Information on violations should be well documented and reported to the FTC as quickly as
possible with a request for FTC investigation and action. Violations can be reported to the FTC
electronically directly through the FTC Web site


Eye care practitioners should also send an e‐mail copy of any complaint filed regarding the
FCLCA to the AOA at: so the association can maintain an accurate
record of all complaints filed with the FTC.

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